monotel capsule hotels

new capsule hotel in the heart of Kiev
quick look inside for special details
reception + monoshop
here we say hello personally :)

agree on the rules for staying at Monotel space shuttle
& of course give the details & features of your future stay

let me in
personal safe-lockers

the safest place to leave your stuff unattainable

personal locker is blocked with your only fingerprint
sharable but absolutely reliable technological
space to leave your belongings
change clothes or store the luggage
after check-out
check dates
capsule space
Monotel is divided into Men, Women & Couple spaces

18 monocapsules in Women space
18 monocapsules in Men space
6 twin capsules are about to arrive in couple space

choose my capsule
space kitchen & lounge
perfect for your work, snacks & relax.

space created for your comfort:
- breakfast, coffee or a quick snack
- find new friends
- or do your urgencies just right here

book now