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Monotel special services

capsule sleep

M/W washroom

personal locker
cool stuff
24h reception
key-card facilities
washing & ironing
wi-fi, chargers, selfie sticks etc.

Capsules for Couples

Each capsule is a self-contained personal space.
Monocapsules are the touch-activated pods stacked on one another. At the entrance, there is a ladder with steps and a railing for climbing to the second level.
A capsule is opened with an electronic key that turns it on. Navigation inside is in English and all controls are touch-sensitive. All capsules are equipped with the following:

  • air handling system;
  • memory mattress;
  • adjustable lights (blue to relax, white to read);
  • earphones;
  • charger for gadgets;
  • 220V power outlet;
  • USB port;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • illuminated mirror.

Weight limit of a single capsule is 200 kilograms, the length of each capsule is 220 cm, and its width is 150 cm.